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Asexual and sexual reproduction charts.

Asexual and sexual reproduction charts. In the asexual organism, the number of organisms involved is only one uniparentalwhereas in sexual reproduction there is involvement of two organisms of opposite gender biparental.

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The fertilization may occur outside the body external fertilization as in frog or inside the body internal fertilization as in man.

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Budding may be external or exogenous as in Hydra Fig.

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These haploid cells undergo meiosis, where crossing over occurs of the chromosomes and result in the recombination.

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In this activity, middle school students are given a brief reading about the life cycle of coral, which includes both sexual and asexual phases.

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Sexual reproduction involves the interaction of the two organisms male and femaleto produce the zygote or the offspring.

This process is known as fragmentation.

This file has three different versions of a chart comparing asexual and sexual reproduction: