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Being bisexual is difficult.

Being bisexual is difficult. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions.

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I spoke out loud every word I typed, and they helped me rearrange and restructure, coercing into shape a quiet little blog post in a narrow corner of the internet.

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Or that a bisexual man is confused.

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That solid, real boundary exists for some people, I think, but it doesn't exist for me, not really.

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It's often assumed that both will end up with men eventually.

This was of course pre-Tumblr and before going to college, none of us had our own computers.

At the time, there was a tabloid rumor that Leo was bisexual, Nikki and Bari told me.

I was writing a novel about, among other things, two women in their twenties falling in love.

Most people believe that because the whole market is open to you and not just one of two optionsit makes it possible for you to tap into that market whenever you feel like it, whether you have a partner or not.

For a while, I wondered if my attraction to men was something that had been socialized into me.

I now have the force of my convictions that only comes once that faith has been thoroughly interrogated.

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