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Big brother usa sex. Michelle and Stuart of BB5 had us gripped with their boy-meets-bunny-boiler romance, but intrigued us even more when they disappeared under the dining room table for some alone time.

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When you're isolated from the world for months, everyone starts looking pretty good, right?

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Natalie and Matt actually did hook up in the house, but he told her that she interpreted the gesture incorrectly.

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Luckily, he went home before Lydia or Natalie did, and they decided to work together toward the end of the season.

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I am pissed at the situation.

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You're probably thinking, "Who would have sex on a reality show where millions of Americans will be watching you?

Even Donny got a peck on the cheek from Amber after they worked together to win last week's Battle of the Block competition.

After telling his Playboy model girlfriend to "open it" shudderthe couple's cuddling quickly escalated into a full-scale romp — and ended rather quickly as well.

While there was no medical evidence Selly was the culprit, Nando was treated for the sexually transmitted infection by BB doctors.

The duo shocked audiences by allegedly performing sex acts under cushions, before indulging in full-blown sex.

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