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Can you have sex if you get the anthrax shot. However, the incubation period for inhalation anthrax might be inversely related to the dose of B.

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Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices.

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J Bacteriol ;

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Antibiotic Susceptibility and Treatment Studies Studies are needed that assess in vitro susceptibility of B.

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Such reactions affected less than 35 percent of vaccine recipients, with the highest rates observed in studies of influenza vaccine al-Mazrou et al.

Studies on immunity in anthrax.

For this report the committee was charged with assessing the safety of AVA in terms of the frequency, types, and severities of adverse reactions, including differences in those reactions by sex, and long-term health implications of AVA vaccination.

Clinical Infectious Diseases 32 1:

Several factors are known to make it difficult to assess the safety of vaccines IOM,b.

Data from animal studies except primate studies involve several animal models, preparations, and vaccine schedules and are difficult to interpret and compare.