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Date a bisexual girl.

Date a bisexual girl. Not Helpful 6 Helpful

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It's also complicated because I felt compelled to hide the side of myself that is attracted to women until my early twenties.

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They may never even have wanted to, just locking the possibility up in their mind for fantasy purposes only.

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Not every bisexual individual has had an intercourse with more than one gender.

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The bi community still tends to be getting a poor rap for being oversexed in particular.

It's really nothing to get hung up about.

Not even ghosts.

Constantly going on at her about her sexuality, asking her for details of her sexual experiences with women or otherwise encouraging her to flaunt her attraction to women with schoolboy enthusiasm and with an equally schoolboy-ish lack of finesse is likely to prove tiresome.

The thing here is trust.

Their orientation is bisexual, but their behavior at least currently is straight or gay.

You couldn't possibly choose because you like both.

So I asked him, 'What do you think I am?