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Diatoms are mostly asexual members of the phytoplankton.

Diatoms are mostly asexual members of the phytoplankton. Where do diatoms live?

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They have a characteristic apical complex that enables them to infect host cells.

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Mass sexual reproduction in the toxigenic diatoms Pseudo-nitzschia australis and P.

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An individual mixotroph loses its plastids, yet continues to survive.

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A Its threadlike pseudopods dramatically increase its surface area to volume ratio.

B eukaryotic.

Their life cycles are poorly understood.

Chlorophytes primarily inhabit freshwater and damp soil, and are a common component of plankton.

They are important members of communities surrounding deep - sea hydrothermal vents.

The Biology of Diatoms.

Chromalveolates include very important photosynthetic organisms, such as diatoms, brown algae, and significant disease agents in animals and plants.