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La state police sex preditor. Criminal justice agencies shall release relevant and necessary information regarding sex offenders, child predators, and sexually violent predators to the public when release of the information is necessary for public protection.

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You can learn more about the program and limitations placed on sex offenders at the Louisiana State Police website.

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Louisiana is a closed information state Number Registered:

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In broad terms, the Wetterling Act set guidelines for the state sex offender registration programs.

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The registry was initially established as a manual reporting and retrieval system.

The state maintains files based on registration information submitted by criminal justice agencies and represents a statewide source of information on sex offenders required by law to register.

The sheriff's offices sarah hyland sex nude police departments receiving sex offender registration information were required to forward the offender's fingerprints and related information to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Office of State Police, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information the Bureau.

Name of the offender, date of birth, residential address, employment, student status, crime for which the offender was convicted, date and place of conviction, any aliases used, every vehicle used, license plate numbers, social security number, fingerprints, palm prints, DNA sample,current photograph, telephone numbers, email addresses and online identifiers, description of physical characteristics, travel and immigration documents, and other such what is the young age to have sex as may be required by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections to carry out the purposes of the law.

There are other sex offenders in the surrounding communities not listed here.