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Most famous sex scandals.

Most famous sex scandals. USA Today.

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The Republican party led the way in the '80s and '90s with a multitude of sex scandals.

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June 11,

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The Suicide of Wyoming Sen.

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University of Virginia Press.

Although there was no shortage of speculation on the internet, the Carter-Knowles family gave little information as to what actually went down.

This politician list is full of dirty sex scandals.

He was arrested, charged and admitted having unlawful sex.

Franks quits Congress after surrogacy remarks".

Inpop star Britney Spears flashed the paparazzi while partying with then-friend Paris Hilton and -- to their surprise -- she was not wearing underwear.

Murray claimed to be injecting the King of Pop with the drug as a treatment for his insomnia.

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