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Plus size sexy selfies. I've worn headscarves for so long — in the summer it's terribly hot.

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This may well have been the first time I had ever seen a body that unashamedly had the thighs and the curves that I had come to fear as my own.

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Selfies aren't just some Millennial fad.

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I've had growths on my eyes that needed to be operated on — the discomfort when applying and removing mascara and eyeliner now stops me from applying it often.

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By Zeynep Yenisey.

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Back to my roots.

Demi Lovato is not here for body shaming headlines, and frankly, neither are we.

We all enhance to look better, from make up to hair dye.

It was something that I had to realize, accept and embrace.

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My interpretation of the word was loose and open.

I was also able to utilize this photo to honor my creation of the hashtag: