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Whether you're with a penis-having person, or your partner is wearing a strap-on or vice-versascroll on down, down, down —and enjoy yourself.

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It feels more intimate than doggy because I can wrap my hands around her breasts or rub her clit at the same time.

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The best part is you can feel totally hands-free as your partner stimulates you, really putting you over the edge.

Make a ring with your fingers by touching the top of your pointer finger to the top of your thumb.

Aside from getting that eye contact, the extra rush of blood into your head will increase the ecstasy.

Take the action to the couch.

For this move, you'll need a kitchen table — one that comes to your partner's waist.

Much of arousal is driven by what we see — especially for guys.

The next time he's on the phone, come up behind him, unzip, and go to work.

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