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Sex with disabled women.

Sex with disabled women. But how long had those women been being victimized?

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Police and prosecutors are often reluctant to take these cases because they are difficult to win in court due to lack of victim or witness testimony.

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But this is not true.

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If a woman is born with a disability, or if she became disabled as a young child, she may have a hard time believing she is sexually attractive as she grows and develops.

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We are women and we are disabled — create space for all our identities.

But members of her family or community may think she should not or cannot have sexual feelings.

Through Crip theory and Crip politics, the meaning of crip has become synonymous with resistance, pride, and non-normativity as a means of strength.

With us, we have more of a set protocol.

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For example, one disabled man who had found it difficult to orgasm in the conventional way discovered that he could orgasm through his partner stroking his shoulders.