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Sexually transmitted infection fact sheet.

Sexually transmitted infection fact sheet. Other biomedical interventions to prevent some STIs include adult male circumcision and microbicides.

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Pregnancy can also cause an increase in discharge.

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STIs are passed from one person to another during sexual contact.

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Rates of gonorrhoea diagnosis had decreased between andbut have increased each year since.

Even if there are no symptoms you can still pass the infection to your partners.

They are normal growths in many men.

An STI is any infection which is passed from one person to another person during sexual activity.

Answer some questions about yourself and get help deciding which methods of contraception could be right for you.

My Contraception Tool.

Syndromic management is simple, assures rapid, same-day treatment, and avoids expensive or unavailable diagnostic tests.

Research to develop vaccines against herpes and HIV is advanced, with several vaccine candidates in early clinical development.

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