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Sexy mass effect girls. Unlike much of the cast, Liara is rarely sure about her answers check out her doubts about the Krogan cure in the third game, for instancewhich makes for a consistently interesting travel companion.

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Miranda reminds me of Michael Jackson.

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If she survives Mass Effect 2, she goes on to channel her trauma into activism, training young biotics as the Grissom Academy.

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I get that she may not be your type but calling her ugly is just weird ".

Thane is a coldblooded killer with a conscience that struggles against his own profession.

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This rendition of a female Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series is on point!

I boned Ashley, despite her space-alt-right leanings.

Burial at Sea.

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Miranda is far ahead of every one else for me, with Kelly taking 2nd place.

I knew publishing my list would be a bloodbath, so we decided on a compromise: