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Types of asexuality test.

Types of asexuality test. This quiz is meant as a starting point for thinking about if you're on the asexual spectrum.

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Yes, kissing is exciting for me, I love all types of kissing, lip biting and sucking etc.

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How do you feel about this?

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The Androgyne is the harmonious fusion of the sexes, resulting in a certain asexuality, a synthesis which creates an entirely new being, and which does not merely juxtapose the two sexes 'in an enflamed opposition' as the hermaphrodite does.

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You can even have the occasional crush that involves absolutely no fantasies of sex.

The naked body of someone I find attractive, no sex involved.

Then Plato in his Symposium propounds a myth that in primal times people were androgynous.

No, and I don't think I would like to.

Hardcore porn.

The idea of never being intimate again probably wouldn't be so bad, then again who knows if I would change my mind at some point and want to do it?