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Virgins teens have sex. Related Articles.

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So many of these stories come from young people in very conservative American Christian and Mormon traditions.

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Some girls worry that if they use tampons, they will no longer be virgins.

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Courtney chose to go to a secular university after high school, while her best friend chose a Christian university in Pennsylvania.

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But IRL, how many teens have sex for the first time on prom night — or have sex on prom night at all?

Our empirical knowledge of the link between religion and technical virginity, however, is limited and in some cases has been misunderstood.

By his count, Austin ended up sleeping with around 25 women in college after that initial encounter:

As a result, technical virginity is most prevalent among those who envision a promising future for themselves, complete with a college education and good career, and not necessarily among those who morally object to intercourse.

Try to remain open and calm.