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Webcam sex stories with pictures. I wanted to punish my body still more, wanted to sully myself for wanting him to watch.

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I ran my fingertips lightly over my breasts, feeling the dried crusty semen on them, making my nipples harden still more.

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I felt suddenly peaceful, warm and safe under his watchful eyes as I slid into bed and pulled the covers over me.

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And I did want to do this.

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Me on a table, strapped down in the center of a white room, men in white gowns and strange masks gathered around me, shoving metal probes into me, photographing my responses.

I was truly a mess; the activities of the evening before and my own defilement of myself this morning were all over my body.

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I drifted for a time, half asleep, in the warm post-orgasmic glow.

My eyes widened as the picture loaded.

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One message from Robin, with a file attachment.

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