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What is fire and ice sex.

What is fire and ice sex. Just a guess as I havem't seen the moviebut I would say that this is probably a "McGuffin".

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For instance, the contents of the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

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The Fire and Ice is best performed after a month of not shaving your pubic hair.

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The chill of the ice cube will provide extra stimulation wherever you like.

Simply pull out of what ever orifice you happen to be in and cum on her tear streaked face.

If your partner has a penis, ice cube hand jobs can be a lot of fun.

I imagine that if someone were to give me a blowjob with several altoids in her mouth, it would feel rather cold

Now we all unknowingly live in a giant ice water dish, that is slowly melting at the edges, and expanding outwards towards infinity.

A In one of the Guy magazines I believe it was sex with my black girlfriend Maxim or Detailsthey make reference to Thai girls at bj bars giving "fire and ice" blowjobs by alternating ice cubes and hot tea in their mouths.