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Why do men like oral sex on women.

Why do men like oral sex on women. Many guys though not all guys love having their little man-rosebud toyed with.

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I think that we tend to forget this on some level because sex is shoved in our faces on a daily basis in so many different ways media, advertising, etc.

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Truth be told, over a third of the men that I asked what specifically it was that they liked about blowjobs were unable to articulate it.

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I've never encountered a vagina I didn't like.

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Men love giving women oral.

It's always a great way to start things off, getting her down on the bed and pulling her clothes off and sticking my face down in there.

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Then I Google it and, after reading through the first ten articles, I am disappointed with humanity.

The following points certainly have a lot of overlap with each other, but I felt that they were different enough to include.

I'm not blessed with the longest tongue, so it's hard on my neck and I occasionally get a very sore frenulum the bit of skin under the tongue.

You should be doing whatever you can to give her the time of her life, and that to me is the most appealing part of it all!

Working alongside 6, know that, while your free hand doesn't need to be in or near his butt, it should be doing something.