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Why is sex important in marriage.

Why is sex important in marriage. We developed the urge to bond, which is where the desire to cuddle and hold each other comes from.

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A study looking at over 6, adults found that having sex more often was associated with better memory performance in adults ages 50 and older.

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Cari Rosen, editor of the website Gransnet, which carried out the research among of its users, aged 51 to 85, said:

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Maintenance sex is designed to keep both partners content.

When the sex is great with you and your partner in bed, your confidence will increase in other areas.

He fashioned us together as husband and wife the way we are wired, with our unique backgrounds, for a specific purpose.

Sex between partners helps to maintain an overall sense of well—being.

European Urology.

The experiences of childbearing and nursing are affirmations of female sexuality.

How to Create Romance in a Marriage?

Unsafe sex could tip the scale of benefits and risks in the opposite direction.